Clinical Management System

Clinical Management System

Hospital Management System

Clinic Primio is very useful for the Clinics. It consists of many smart features which are capable to manage the complete system of a Clinic. The Clinic Primio is designed and developed to deliver benefits to clinics. This software is a desktop type software it can be run in many computers on one server. Complete Clinic Management software managing all the activities of clinic, Reception, Patient History, Billing, Medical Certificates and Financial Accounting.

Features Of Clinic Primio:

1. Invoicing, Inventory Control & Complete Accounting.

2. True Multi user runs on Windows 98/2008/XP/7/10.

3. Standard RDBMS at backend.

4. Fast MS DOD based and Windows Quality Printing.

5. User Level Access Rights.

6. End User Document, Invoice Designer & Report Export.

7. User definable features to implement as per your requirements.

8. Forms and Control level user definable color settings.

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